Q Q Evacuation Ladder

Q Q Evacuation Ladder

Emergency evaluation ladders for apartments and residential homes that can be hung from window frames or railings. Uniquely designed aluminum pipe structures allow secure footing.

Retractable to 1/4 of the size for storage

Like other products of ours, the QQ Evacuation Ladder can be retracted to a compact size to store in narrow places such as under the bed. Its compactness is an ideal safety item that doesn’t take up much space. It provides peace of mind that you can evacuate safely.

Adjustable hooks to match your window frame or railing

Depending on where you hook the evacuation ladder, the width of the hooks is adjustable. They are also retractable for compact storage.

Excellent stability

Installed standoffs that reach the wall to lessen the wobbling and provide stability. The standoffs allow at least 10 cm between the rungs and the wall for secure footing.

Able to safely evacuate regardless of age and gender

Uniquely designed aluminum pipe structures that provide no wobbling, no twisting and no bending which allow secure footing.


Max. Length
Usable Dimensions
Storage Length
Storage Widt
Depth when Stored
4,480 4,550 75〜200 1,050 470 140 17.0

Product specifications

Frame:Aluminum alloy, Rungs:Aluminum alloy, Hooks:Stainless
Made in Japan