About Us

Message from the President

President / CEO Takashi Teramoto

Ladders have always been part of my work as I have been engaged in the architectural and landscaping business for many years. During my predecessor’s time, we were working in a building designated as an important national cultural property, and the need to protect its walls prevented us from bringing in a large ladder. The situation forced us to build a ladder on the work site. We managed to quickly build a bamboo-like ladder with PVC pipes and completed the work. This very ladder is the starting point which has led us to our specialty telescopic ladders. Many of the ladders that we make are compactly contracted and stored for most of the time until certain circumstances call for their function of use. For example, emergencies on trains require the quick evacuation of many passengers within a short time. Our ladders can facilitate the evacuation of more than 60 people in three minutes. Presently, our clientele includes government agencies, major railway companies, and many electric power companies.
In addition to specialized ladders created from our own ideas, there are many that have been developed through the requests from our clients. Our Manhole Series are hanging type ladders, which excel in stability and fall prevention that cannot be obtained with rope ladders. A similar idea has been applied to our home-use ladders for emergency evacuation; these ladders have joined our product line after considering further weight reduction.

As the business world we live in has seen more and more specialization, the needs of our clients, regardless of their business, have become more specialized. Sometimes, their needs are so specialized that nothing of such has ever existed in the market, posing a major challenge for us. Our desire to meet our clients’ needs has kept us going. What has driven us is our motto, “Nothing is impossible as long as we do not stop thinking of ideas.”

There are things that only small and medium size companies are capable of doing. Through our efforts to meet each client’s needs, we have obtained numerous specialized skills and patents. We are always seeking innovative talent who would like to join us in creating ladders available nowhere else in the world. Our mission is to keep creating such unique ladders with passion and to be the “only one” company in the world.

Company Profile
Company Name Tokushu Hashigo Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Founded July 1st, 1996
Head Office Address 4 -13 Toyahama-cho, Hyogo-ku,Kobe City, Japan 652-0866
Representative Director President & CEO Takashi Teramoto
Date of Establishment July, 1996
Business Details Manufacture and Sales of Aluminum Ladders.
Manufacture and Sales of Aluminum Crime Prevention and Disaster Prevention Goods.
Sales of Various Building Materials.
Capital ¥3,000,000
Main Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Awa Bank / Amagasaki Shinkin Bank / Hyogo Shinkin Bank
Principal Clients Techno Ace Ltd (JR Group, Major Private Railways) / Asahi Kasei Homes Corp / Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd / Sekisui House, Ltd / Japan Kenzai Co., Ltd / Nice Corporation / Jutec Corporation / Wakita Corporation / PiCa Corporation
Principal Suppliers UACJ Corporation / Tachibana Kougyou Co., Ltd / Kuriyama Aluminum Co., Ltd /Fuji Light Metal Co., Ltd
Awards 1998 Good Design Award Quick Stepper
2006 Good Design Award Emergency Escape Ladder for Railroad Cars
Telephone +81-78-652-0818
Facsimile +81-78-652-0825
Email info@super-ladder.co.jp
Principal Installations Ministry of Defence / Kawasaki Heavy Industries / National Police Agency /Major Homebuilders
Corporate History
Jul. 1996 Establishment of Noboru Shoji Limited Company.
Jun. 2004 Company named changed to Tokushu Hashigo Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2008 Establishment of second factory (on Karumoshima Island).
Mar. 2010 Establishment of Kanto Office.
Apr. 2010 Introduction of the CNC Lathe QUICK TURN NEXUS 200.
Apr. 2011 Establishment of Tokushu Hashigo Seisakusho Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam.
May. 2014 Introduction of the CNC Lathe QUICK TURN SMART 350M.
Jan. 2015 Introduction of the CNC Lathe QUICK TURN NEXUS 300M.
Mar. 2016 Introduction of the Sliding Headstock Type Automatic CNC Lathe Cincom A20.
Apr. 2016 Head office and factory relocated to Hyogo ward, Kobe city.
Jul. 2016 Introduction of the Vertical Machining Center VERTICAL CENTER SMART 430A.
Intellectual Property
Patents / Newly Designed Utilities / Over 10 designs