Super Ladder G Series

Super Ladder G Series

As an addition to the extendable Super Ladder, easy grip, ladder stays and specified outrigger for excellent stability have been added.

Easy grip

When extended or contracted, the length of the easy grip reaches 600mm. The ends of the grips are equipped with resin covers.

Ladder stays

Ladder stays prevent side slips. Rain gutters and other obstacles can be avoided. Ladder stays can be rotated or removed when transporting.

Specified outrigger

For reinforcement of lateral stability. One touch lever operation for length adjustment (adjustable in 6mm increments). One touch removal from the ladder is also possible.

Adjustable angles of the installation surface

With adjustable feet angles, the Super Ladder can be used on slopes and at various angles. (freely adjustable leg type)

Product outline

Product outline Max. Length
Min. Length
Storage Length
Storage Width
Depth When Stored
SLG-500 5,500 1,100 1,100 545 105 22

Product specifications

Strut: Aluminum alloy / Rungs: Aluminum alloy
Made in Japan