Super Ladder

Super Ladder

Telescopic type ladder convenient for storage and portability. Extendable up to 6m and retractable to 86cm. The width is between 45cm to 50cm and the weight is between 12kg to 20kg. Rubber feet that can be fixed firmly without damaging the installation surface, optional flexible legs and telescopic legs are available.

Compact and easy to carry

The greatest feature of the Super Ladder is its compactness for storage compared to usual ladders. Also, the weight of the ladder is light, making it portable to carry and widening its range of uses, such as taking it into small spaces or into vehicles.

Rubber feet will not damage the installation surface

The contact point is made of tough rubber and will not damage the installation surface.

Can be used on steps and uneven surfaces

Adjustable lengths for left and right legs. The Super Ladder can be confidently used on steps and on uneven surfaces. (Extendable leg type [both feet, one foot type available])

Adjustable angles of the installation surface

With adjustable feet angles, the Super Ladder can be used on slopes and at various angles. (freely adjustable leg type)

Product Outline

TYPE Max. Length
Min Length
Storage Length
Storage Width
Depth when Stored
SL-400 4,170 880 880 495 95 12.2
SL-440 4,540 910 910 495 95 14.0
SL-450 4,600 1,000 1,000 495 95 14.0
SL-500 5,230 940 940 500 95 16.5
SL-600 6,100 1,000 1,000 560 95 20.8
SL-700 7,220 1,100 1,100 560 106 27.0

Product specifications

Strut: Aluminum alloy / Rungs: Aluminum alloy
Made in Japan