Manhole Ladder

Manhole Ladder

A manhole ladder that is compact, easy to install and designed according to opinions from worksites. A ladder that is suspended from the top. Specially made mainly for manhole work. Safety measures are enhanced with safety railing.

Retractable for storage

The greatest feature of the manhole ladder is that it can be retracted for storage. Being light and compact, it can be conveniently carried and taken into vehicles.

Square pipe and hook

Place a square pipe across the mouth of the manhole and suspend the ladder with hooks for usage.

Ladder standoffs

Ladder standoffs reach the wall, lessen the wobbling, provide secure footing.



Safety rail (optional)

Size: W 1060 x H 1000 x D 620 mm
Weight: 9.8kg
・Assembled type

Product outline

Product Number Retractable Length (mm) Usable Dimensions (mm) Width (mm) Rungs Weight (kg)
4.5M Type 955〜4,800 4,560 4,650 13 14.0
3.7M Type 905〜4,060 3,810 4,550 11 10.0

Product specifications

Includes:Rope for storage, Square pipe (Aluminum alloy)
Frame:Aluminum alloy, Rungs:Aluminum alloy, Hooks:Aluminum alloy
Color:Silver and yellow
Allowable Weight:100kg
Made in Japan